I bought a hot tub in January 2014 and have been delighted at the customer service of Sunrise Pool and Spa. They called me promptly to schedule the delivery and set up a date, and were on time even after traveling quite a distance!


After setting it up, they explained how the chemicals and tub work. But the real blessing is that Terry has called to see how we like it and if we had any questions several times. She completely covered how to use the chemicals again since this is our first hot tub.


Using the hot tub most evenings has helped improve our health already. My husband has Restless Leg Syndrome and I have Fibromyalgia and it has helped us sleep better. I will recommend Sunrise Pool and Spa for anyone who's shopping for a spa!

Jan from Lebanon, Oregon

We badly needed a hot tub after a back injury. The day after the injury, we limped into Sunrise Pool and Spa begging for something to give relief. The hot tub we wanted had to be ordered with a waiting time of a few weeks. Seeing the level of discomfort we had, these awesome business owners installed a loaner hot tub for us that very day, and had it up and running in a very short period of time, much to our relief.


Sunrise Pool and Spa is what a great small town business should be. The hot tub we ordered was installed perfectly and has been a joy to have. I would absolutely recommend Sunrise Pools and Patio to anyone withcomplete confidence.

Nancy Harder


I was very impressed with how quick Sunrise Pool and Spa was when they installed our hot tub in 2010.  They are fast, efficient, and friendly, and the hot tub works how it’s supposed to work from the very beginning. Since then, the temperature has only varied one degree ever. The siding has not faded whatsoever and the tub is still in good condition.


The relaxing 102 degree water gets my day off to a good start. It’s like buying a new car, you just don’t have to worry about things not working.

Jerry Pimentel, Prineville Lions Club